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Legal Note: 

Before using our website, you must read our terms and conditions thoroughly to avoid any inconvenience. These terms and conditions give you access to use our website. By signing to the agreements, you get to stick to the rules connected with any section of this website. The stands-in all right to make any changes in these mentioned terms and conditions. Moreover, it reserves the right to make changes at any time on this website.


The follows copyright, which declares that nobody is allowed to copy any material, content, or software of this website at any cost.

Copyrights and Trademarks: 

You are sole responsible if you’re using any content along with images, graphics, texts, or other material integrated into your product. Unless you get authorized permission from the owner, you are not allowed to add any third-party’s text, image, design, trademark, graphics, service mark, and copyrighted work.

You agree that none of your products contravene the rights of any party including, copyright, the right of privacy and publicity, or trademark. Besides this, you warrant that you will not defame any third-party. While placing the order on this site, you ensure that you have all the permissions to place the order. And you grant permission to for producing the order on your behalf. 

Customer Content:

The person who generates any text, content, material, or image is solely responsible for this. You are accountable for sending, sharing, uploading, and posting any material using this website. You accept every legislation related to online conduct and content acceptance. You concur to not share any filthy, unlawful, obscene, or coarse content via our website that violates the cognitive property rights or other proprietary rights of or any affiliated third-party. We notify you that our website doesn’t hold the customer content and does not guarantee the integrity of the content.

You are liable for securing your registered account and password because you will be answerable and responsible for all the actions, orders, and placements, which will be done via your registered account. When we receive an order of print items from your registered account, you grant our website, non-exclusive and royalty-free license to use, reproduce, adapt, modify, display, and generate the subsidiary content on the website. And you allow the ordered product to store the design and process the order.

By using our site,, you grant us the authority to remove the objectionable content that infringes on the right and terms, any time. may guard the content or uncover it if necessary by law in case it is crucial to

  • Comply with legal process 
  • Enforce the terms of service
  • Respond to give proof against the claim that content is objectionable
  • Secure the privacy and rights of 

Design Files:

The boxocity only provides the design file at low resolution. If you want higher resolution, you can contact the support service provider at

Customer Submitted Art Work:

 The artwork submission is accepted if and only if the minimum resolution is 300 DPI, and it has followed the CMYK format, or else it will get rejected. The boxocity is not responsible for the color-changing during the conversion from RGB to CMYK color mode. In the case of customers provided artwork, we are not responsible for distorted and pixilated images.

Proofing and Mixing:

At the final print stage, all the jobs require customer approval of final artwork and job specification sheets, which customers will receive through email once the order is placed. Customers are solely responsible for reading all the specifications mentioned in the sheet and reviewing them, including but not limited to, speed of production, and dates of delivery. And then, the customer will confirm that all the requirements have been accurately written.

The is not responsible for any requirement other than mentioned in the specification sheet. It is the responsibility of the customer to proofread every section of the sheet, along with the final artwork thoroughly. There is a possibility of some unexpected changes as files are being prepared in various ways. The final version of proof will be the final print. strongly recommends the 100% exact printing, as shown in the final artwork. If, after printing, there comes any issue/mistake in spelling, design, or color, etc. then will not be answerable as it is the responsibility of the customer to revise the final artwork and to communicate the issue to Once the customer approves the final design, it will be sent to the production department as it is.

Boxocity is not responsible for color matching of design, the density of the ink, and screen proofs for the design approved by the customer. In screen proofs, there comes layout of the design, accuracy of the text, image proportion, and placement, but it does not include the color’s density. We will try to match the gradient density in duo-tone, but we’re not liable for the final look unless the customer orders a color-match proof.

Besides this, the lamination may affect the color of printed order, so boxocity isn’t liable for the final appearance of the laminated product. 


Customer should know that paper or cardboard that we use are not food grade, so in case of such order, it must be communicated to in writing. Let us know immediately before placing the order if you have any food grade requirements with the paper stock.

Customers are liable to proofread and approve the layout before the final printing. is not responsible for the errors in the printing, including text font, graphic orientation and design, punctuation or grammatical error, wrong color cuts, missing folds, slits, incorrect, finished product size, and layout, etc.


Color Accuracy and Hardcopy proofs: doesn’t guarantee the color match or ink density due to the limitations in printing, but, the boxocity will reproduce the colors from the file that will be submitted for printing. The ensures the reproduction of hues with 90% accuracy, matched with the final print-ready file.

Note that will only ensure the reproduction of colors for your print-ready file only if you request the hardcopy proof for an additional charge.No color variations, between print-ready fine and final product, will be entertained by 


You acknowledge that you will defend, the and the associated third-party from whom has licensed the content, and their directors, suppliers, vendors, employees, or agents, against any claim, damages, responsibilities, and expense, including legal fees and those related to (a) your breach of these terms and conditions, (b) any claim, suit or damage related to text, photograph, image, graphic or other material that you integrate within the product, which isn’t a part of our content.

Order Cancellation: 

For order cancellation, you will have to communicate to the boxocity before printing/shipping. In case you want to cancel your order, it can only be done if hasn’t shipped it or sent it for the production. Whereas during the production, order cancellation is possible at different stages, but standard charges will be applied. For charges details you can contact our customer service team, they will inform you what charges you are supposed to pay at various cancellation stages if you do not want your order any more. The production covers four stages, mentioned below.

  1. Online placement of order 
  2. Reworking of order in the development department 
  3. Printing in press 
  4. Final orders are collected by the shipping company and shipped

The cancellation of an order is acceptable before stage two. On canceling the order at stage one, you will be charged 15$, along with 5% of the total amount to cover the payment processing, bank charges, and covering the fee of our design development department. At stage two, the cancellation will cause you the deduction of 20% of the total amount. At stage three, there is a possibility of cancellation, but we do not promise the cancellation. It may or may not be accepted at this stage. While the customer, enforces to cancel the order, then 50% of the total amount will be deducted as the cancellation fees to compensate all expenses.

At stage four, an order cannot be canceled at any cost. 


Design Order:

Once the order has been placed,  no refunds will be an issue for any design service order. 

Returns and Refunds:

Every product we take is unique in nature and final. But in case if we notice that we have made an error, we will reprint your order. Make it clear that there will be no refund or re-crediting allowed.


If customers identify any defect in the delivered product, they must notify the within three working days after the delivery. If the customer delays and doesn’t communicate to the within three working days of the delivery, then we will not be liable for this damage, and we will not take the responsibility of reprinting.

The customer is required to return the 99% of the received product within ten working days of the actual delivery date, to replace the product. The customer will manage his own expense in case of replacement. Additionally, no return will be accepted without a prior written return authorization from the

There is no refund available for the expedite charges (rush printing or shipping), including those orders that are returned for any reason. NO EXCEPTION.

Order Shipping and Delivery: has various options for the shipment. We have mentioned them as follow,

  • Standard- (in this the time of shipment is not guaranteed)
  • Once the artwork has been approved, the shipment will be made within ten to fourteen (10 to 14) days
  • Priority-Shipment is guaranteed in 8 business days.
  • Free ground shipment in 48 contagious states
  • Products will be shipped in 8 business days after the final approval of a proof draft
  • Express-Guaranteed to ship in 6 business days 
  • Products will be shipped in 6 business days after the final approval of a proof draft
  • In all the mentioned cases, the final approval of the proof must be received by 11:00 AM EST. Otherwise, one business day will be added to the mentioned shipping time.

Timely delivery is the primary priority of, but in case there is any damage from the delay in production, shipment, or delivery, then will not take any responsibility. You agree that you will not blame in delays that will result from weather conditions, technical issues, International customs issues, shipping company delays, or any other condition beyond the control of We estimate the date and time of delivery based on previous order record and estimates provided by our suppliers. will try to meet the set schedules. However, some unexpected circumstances may delay the printing and orders’ shipment. If the delay is from the printing or shipment’s end, then you will get a refund of rust charges and expedites, or we will waive off these charges where possible. It is to notify you that in case of printing or shipping delay, you cannot cancel the order.

You acknowledge that it is the sole responsibility of the customer to pay for the custom dues and fees for all the products that we will ship at your localities. It is the responsibility of the customer to manage the custom for shipments outside the United States. The boxocity aims to deliver the best quality products at an affordable and customer friendly price. To meet the requirements, we have production houses in all parts of the world, and we are happy to serve our valued customers at any time. Among all the areas we covered, Asia is an essential part where we promise to deliver the comparative prices with excellent quality and ensures the shipment at the doorstep without charging any extra penny. 

Holidays: observes the following holidays

  • New Year (1st January)
  • President Day
  • Martin Luther King Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Labor Day
  • Independence Day (4th July)
  • Columbus Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanks Giving Day
  • A day after Thanks Giving Day
  • Christmas Eve (24th December)
  • Christmas Day (25th December)

Damage and Lost Packages:

Customers are liable to inspect all packages and cross-check the items, according to the slip and invoices, before accepting the delivery. If the customer finds any damage or missing item, he must report the courier service and the immediately. Damages or missing items’ complain is acceptable with the three days of the actual delivery date, after that no claim will be entertained.

The is not liable for the damages that come at the end of a third party, which may include but not limited to shipping errors, omission, or damaged shipment. Whereas, for the compensation of any potential damage, boxocity sends some extra pieces, free of cost, along with the booked number. Printing trade standards allow for undergoes overages of 5%. So, if you want the exact quantity, then it is recommended to order at least 10% more than the required count.

Note: In case of an incorrect shipping address, the customer is responsible for paying the additional shipping and handling charges

Disclaimer of Warranty: 

The site and content are given without any warranty, either expressed or implied, including the warranty of merchantability, fitness, or any other particular reason or non-violation. You agree that the procedures and operations of this site are uninterrupted. These are error-free. You acknowledge, there may appear the links to products of some independent companies and are provided “as is” without the warranty of any kind.

Limitations of Liability: or its vendors, suppliers, licensors, officers, employees, directors, or agents will not be responsible for any incidental, consequential, or indirect damage. Our team will not be liable for the damage that may happen due to loss of use, data, or profits.

If or if not, has notified the potential damage arising out of or in connection with the performance, usage of the site, or of failure to provide a product that you order from or affiliates. Moreover, boxocity is not responsible for any damage that you may face because of the misuse of this site.